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27.05.2024 7 min read

Charting a New Course for Vectura: Strengthened Profitability with Interim CEO

When Vectura reached a crossroads, the board and owners made an unconventional decision: ...
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08.06.2023 5 min read

Go-Ahead Norway: How an Interim CFO Contributed to Their Survival

Born amidst the storm of the Covid-19 pandemic, the private train company Go-Ahead faced ...
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05.01.2023 6 min read

Two interim managers take Skogluft out into the world

When the Norwegian start-up company Skogluft needed a new CEO, they chose management for ...
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03.11.2022 4 min read

From loss to profit in under three months with an interim CFO in place

Things can get dramatic when the finance manager suddenly resigns, especially if you are ...
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22.09.2022 3 min read

How Biotec BetaGlucans AS acquired an experienced interim manager within one week

When one of the company's key personnel had to be replaced suddenly, Biotec BetaGlucans ...
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16.02.2022 4 min read

Presto with an ambitious growth plan - both organically, via acquisitions and digitization

In 2021, Presto Brannteknikk faced a strategic change within the company. As the Nordic ...
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16.12.2021 3 min read

We had no idea that Interimleder AS had these kinds of candidates!

When Annika Hoffner, CEO of Recharge, needed to strengthen the commercial team with a Key ...
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16.12.2021 4 min read

How an interim manager from the fast-food industry became crucial for OneMed's supply chain

With large volumes in stock, OneMed AS – Norway's biggest supplier of medical health ...
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30.11.2021 4 min read

Improved financial predictability with Helene B. Francke as interim CFO at Nutrimar

When Frode Sandmark, Chief Investment Officer at Kverva, decided to hire an interim CFO ...
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21.09.2021 4 min read

From keen observer to satisfied customer

What happens when a business manager without legal expertise is hired to lead a bunch of ...
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04.06.2021 4 min read

Opened two restaurants and established a new sales channel during the corona crisis

Scaling a successful restaurant concept into a chain is a demanding feat. All the more so ...
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08.03.2021 3 min read

A new driving force for Jøtul in the corona crisis

When Jøtul's planning manager resigned at short notice during the corona shutdown, the ...
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23.11.2020 3 min read

Feiring brought in interim manager to establish new purchasing function

Since the 1960s, the family-owned industrial group Feiring AS has delivered several ...
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06.10.2020 2 min read

- The interim leader took our finance department to a new level

When Reisegiganten needed a new CFO in the autumn of 2019, they brought in an interim ...
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17.09.2020 1 min read

The interim manager delivered from day one

As district manager of Eltel Networks, Lars Andre Hjellødegård contributes to people in ...
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26.05.2020 1 min read

Veidrift strengthens management team with new Deputy CEO

In the summer of 2018, CEO Frank Stabu saw the need to strengthen the expertise and ...
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26.05.2020 1 min read

– I don't know where we would have been without an interim manager

When the Chairman of the Board of Drøbak Laundry, Lars Tomasgaard, learned that the ...
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26.02.2020 2 min read

EXP Group brought in interim CEO in a matter of days

EXP Group owns and operates a portfolio of companies that provide services and technology ...
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18.11.2019 1 min read

Interim CEO boosted company

When Geir Andersen needed relief in the day-to-day management of the company he founded, ...
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04.09.2019 2 min read

In this senior management team, two out of six are interim managers

In Fazer Food Services’ Norwegian senior management team, two out of six are interim ...
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