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16.02.2022 2 min read

Interimleder AS ads 2 new senior advisers after explosive growth

The last few months we’ve seen an explosive growth, not only here at Interimleder, but ...
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30.11.2021 6 min read

ESG: The Emporer’s new clothes or «better well done»?

The Norwegian athlete and Olympic champion Karsten Warholm is known for stating “det er ...
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13.10.2021 5 min read

The job market of the future is temporary: 'Everything is interim.'

Norvestor partner, Henning Vold, finds that the accelerating pace of change means that ...
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20.09.2021 3 min read

Jon Sivert Nielsen joins Interimleder AS as Senior Adviser

With Jon Sivert Nielsen in place as senior adviser at Interimleder AS, we are further ...
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22.04.2021 5 min read

Vision, Mission, Goals and Values – building blocks for growth

Many companies put a lot of time and resources into defining their vision, mission, goals ...
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08.03.2021 4 min read

Interimleder celebrates 20 years in the interim management industry

It was a dark and stormy night in the small Spanish port city of Nerja. A young German ...
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02.04.2020 1 min read

Are you prepared for the passing of the crisis?

The Corona crisis has hit many businesses very hard, and during a very short time, ...
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02.04.2020 1 min read

What if this is the new normal?

No, I don´t believe that the current Corona measures will be permanent, but I am also ...
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26.03.2020 2 min read

Regional Director of the VY Group, Linda Rode, became Interim Leader of the Year 2019

The remarkable thing about interim leaders is that they can go from industry to industry ...
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24.03.2020 7 min read

Seven Tips For Remote Crisis Management

People are skyping, screen-sharing and emailing from their home offices. We have turned ...
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19.03.2020 4 min read

Leadership in times of crisis: Think calmly, act methodically

"We have lost contact with SK686". My two colleagues from the SAS operation had burst ...
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17.03.2020 7 min read

Be prepared! Risk thinking in the time of Corona

All of us can use the scouts' motto. Now in the time of Corona —how well prepared are we, ...
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20.06.2019 3 min read

Building North-Europe’s Largest Convention Center with Help from Interim Management

In a little town called Melsomvik in Vestfold, Norway, a new convention center is being ...
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09.04.2019 1 min read

Two senior advisors join the team at Interimleder AS

2019 started with an all-time record of customer enquiries for interim leaders, ...
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12.12.2017 2 min read

Who will receive the award “Interim leader of the year 2017”?

12 great candidates, but only one winning the title “Interim leader of the year 2017". ...
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14.11.2017 6 min read

Digitisation and a system change created a need for interim management

Tibnor is a company going through a period of change. An exciting change journey in the ...
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14.11.2017 3 min read

A traditional boat trip with our key supporters

On Thursday August 31st we held our annual boat trip on Oslo Fjord for clients, interim ...
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14.11.2017 5 min read

- My vision is to make myself Obsolete

When the time between new emails in the inbox becomes steadily longer, Nils Agnar ...
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29.08.2017 3 min read

Interim catalyst for internal IT boost

Sometimes the chemistry between the interim manager and the client is so right that it ...
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23.05.2017 3 min read

Employment in the future will be different to now, and the future is already here

Everything indicates that the future of employment will include more senior citizens in ...
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