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Exciting technology company hires interim Sales Director

Hiddn is an exciting Norwegian technology company specialising in mobile device encryption. When the company's CEO, Gudmundur Einarsson, wanted to accelerate sales the choice was to go for an Interim Manager.

"We needed a Sales Director with a good network of contacts, who had the necessary experience and knowledge to develop a distribution network for our products," Einarsson explains.

Gudmundur Einarsson has an extensive management background from numerous IT and technology companies, including Tandberg and Ericsson and larger industrial groups such as Hydro and Elkem. He was hired by InterimLeder AS as an interim CEO two years ago and he is now a permanent employee.

Getting to know one another in a non-committal manner

"Hiring an Interim Manager with a view to future employment is an ingenious way of getting to know the person in a non-committal manner before potentially offering permanent employment," Einarsson reflects.

"In my experience, InterimLeder has an extensive knowledge base through the people in its database and they can deliver practically overnight if required. This is why we choose them."

Unique solution

Hiddn (High Density Services AS) is an IT company working in the field of encrypted solutions for mobile devices. It is the only supplier in Norway that has been certified by the national security authority (Nasjonal sikkerhetsmyndighet (NSM)) for such solutions. Hiddn has a unique solution that has been certified and patented in several countries and has become a preferred supplier for multiple security authorities throughout Europe:

"The unique thing about our solution is that we have separated the key from the device, which could be a PC or memory stick for example. The key is on a smart card. This means that the key is deleted when the device is turned off. If the device is lost, no-one will therefore be able to access the data," Einarsson explains.

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