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Av Rooth, Vegard 3. oktober 2017

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Globalise - The Global Interim Management Group.pngThrough our large international network and cooperation with the Globalise network, the no. 1 player in the international Interim Service Provider industry, we provide interim management services in all parts of the world. 

In an ever increasingly global business world, we are happy to be able to offer our customers the very best and experienced interim solutions wherever the need might be! Many of our Norwegian clients have already made use of our international Interim Services. We have also found solutions for our international partners' customers in Norway.

To find the best solution for our clients, we cooperate closely with the number one ISP in each national market. These market leaders have at least three things in common: They are passionate about their customers' needs, they are dedicated to finding the best solutions and they follow up throughout the project. 

Globalise bavaria meeting 2017.pngInterimLeder from Norway,  Nordic Interim from Sweden and Finland representatives at the Globalise Bavaria meeting 2017.

In a world of transformation, experienced interim leaders are helping more and more companies to take the lead in their industries and solve challenges efficiently and effectively. The growth in the use of Interim Leadership worldwide is a natural consequence of the need for dynamic, adaptable leaders suited for different stages of a company’s development. It is evident that leadership needs are different in changing situations.

When faced with a tough leadership challenge, an experienced executive, who has solved similar situations before, is much more efficient and contributes with the little extra to the organization's adaptability than those who do it for the first time. In many cases, a mix of capabilities can be the ideal solution to create the future for your company. The ability to adapt is a hallmark trait of businesses that survive and grow. 

We have cooperated closely with Nordic Interim Sweden, and later also with our Finnish colleagues, for more than a decade. In the last few years, we have also entered partnerships with several international players.

In 2017, we have experienced an extraordinary growth in Norway. We believe our dedication to solving our customers' needs, and our determination to follow them up throughout their transformation, are the main reasons for our growth. Furthermore, we observe that more and more companies see the need for more dynamic leadership solutions.

We are looking forward to the future!

"The one who arrives to the future first, creates the future." (W. Railo)

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Av: Rooth, Vegard

Vegard holds a Master of Management from the Norwegian Business School BI and has additional qualifications from Stanford University and University of Oxford. He has completed a number of interim management assignments and has held temporary positions as CEO and other management roles. Vegard joined InterimLeder AS as managing director in January 2015.

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Interimleder AS er et ledende selskap i Norge som har spesialisert seg på interimledelse siden 2001. Vi har hatt en jevn økning i antall oppdrag og opplever en stadig høyere modenhet i markedet for bruk av spesialiserte leverandører av interimledelse.

Vårt renommé har gjort at vi har bygget opp en base på over 2600 erfarne ledere som ønsker å gjennomføre oppdrag sammen med oss. Dette setter oss i stand til å levere gode løsninger på kort tid.


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