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What is Interim Management?

Av Vegard Rooth 3. juli 2018

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What is Interim Management?Interim management is called many things such as temporary management or management for hire. However, none of these descriptions accurately convey what interim management is all about – quick access to the right management skills for the situation, whether the business faces a period of transition, a crisis, or need to make substantial changes within the organisation.

Interim management enables a company to quickly insert an experienced leader in just a matter of days. The interim manager (or interim leader) has successfully solved similar challenges or opportunities before and is able to quickly understand the situation and take the necessary actions to move the company forward without losing momentum. This makes interim management a rational alternative to hastily hired managers or the use of consultants.

Companies hire interim managers for various reasons; when businesses are in need of urgent change or transformation, when facing mergers and acquisitions, when key members of management go absent on a long-term basis, when a particular skill or experience is needed, or to improve the overall performance of the organisation or a department.

One of the main differences between interim managers and consultants is the high focus interim managers place on implementation. Interim managers are also part of the management team, and thus they have line responsibility. In contrast, consultants focus on giving advice based on analysis, and will rarely take charge of the implementation.

InterimLeder – the leading Norwegian provider of interim management solutions

The company I work for, InterimLeder AS, was founded in 2001. Since then, we have delivered hundreds of senior and middle managers to dozens of Norwegian and international businesses. For the remainder part of this blog post, I’d like to sum up the five main benefits of hiring an interim manager through a provider. The facts, numbers and customer guarantees are of course specific to our market offering.  

1. An interim manager provides value for the customer

The interim manager will have experience of similar positions and will quickly be able to provide great value to the company. Our interim managers are highly qualified professional managers who work to provide and implement solutions quickly. Therefore, the client company can gain long-term value with a short-term interim manager.  

2. You can have an interim manager in place in a matter of days

InterimLeder AS has a portfolio of more than 2 000 executives who are ready to step into a position for an agreed period quickly. In just ten days, InterimLeder can have a top-qualified leader ready to solve the company’s problems or challenges.

3. Interim managers are experts

Our interim managers are experts in temporary management. They have experience of similar assignments and will quickly familiarise themselves with the tasks to be performed. In many cases, the interim manager will be positively "over-qualified" for the assignment.

4. Interim managers are objective

Interim managers have no historical or personal attachments to the organisation. They can, therefore, implement necessary measures in the company’s best interest without having to worry about how it will influence their personal relations. Experienced interim managers quickly identify crucial areas that need work without being perceived as a threat to other managers.

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Av: Vegard Rooth

Vegard er Master of Management fra Handelshøyskolen BI, og har tilleggsutdanning fra Stanford University og University of Oxford. Han har hatt en rekke lederstillinger både som fast ansatt og innleid interimleder. Vegard har vært administrerende direktør i Interimleder siden januar 2015.

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En blogg fra Interimleder

Interimleder AS er et ledende selskap i Norge som har spesialisert seg på interimledelse siden 2001. Vi har hatt en jevn økning i antall oppdrag og opplever en stadig høyere modenhet i markedet for bruk av spesialiserte leverandører av interimledelse.

Vårt renommé har gjort at vi har bygget opp en base på over 2000 erfarne ledere som ønsker å gjennomføre oppdrag sammen med oss. Dette setter oss i stand til å levere gode løsninger på kort tid.

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